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What are the Different Wedding Photography Styles?

Once you have prepared all the other areas in a marriage, it is time for you to make in looking for a photographer of the wedding. Finding a photographer of marriage may not be such a big deal, but keep in mind that this is your wedding. You want what’s the best for you. And those photos will last for over a hundred years. If you have no idea how to find a photographer, the tips below from will help you find one.

Before you start your search for wedding photographers, you have to decide on the kind of style you want. It will assist in determining the kind of photographer that you will be finding and the one that will shoot your wedding. Here are some of the styles that may appeal to you:


If you want the perfect kind of portraits, find a legendary photographer that specializes in this style. Art styles are the ones that have a lot of posed shots of their clients, the bride, the bride’s friends, family, etc. However, this doesn’t mean that it will just remain that way. While there are photographers that pose the subjects in a more traditional manner and natural poses, others take portraiture style in a whole another level. They can bring out their creativity, which is something that you want to find if you want something unique.


Rather than a series of photos like the portraiture, the documentary style is more of spontaneous or candid shots of people. This means that people in your wedding do not know they are being taken. Typical shots of candid shots include lavish setting before the guests come digging in; your guests dancing or when you had a laughing streak with your bride’s maids. In this style, you will rarely find the people in the photo staring at the camera. The photos are captured exactly within the moment that the guests are doing something. When they are put together, they tell the viewers some story.

Bride and Groom Peeking Through Picture Frame

Fine Art

This is almost like the documentary style, but this provides the shooter even better artistic style since they get to infuse one point of view and blend it together with the photographs they’ve taken. While the shots they’ve taken were from reality, it is all about the reality from the photographer’s point of view. The photos will come out gorgeous and dramatic. Sometimes they add effects to it, but without your knowledge about it the moment they took the picture. Most of the time the film’s focus is on the object while the background appears blurry. The motion will also look very natural in this style of photography.

Bold and Edgy

This is an offshoot from the beautiful art style, and this is marked by creativity outside the box. You’ll find tilted angles in such photos plus many another original framing. You’ll also find a bride having their makeup done, but the shot was taken from above. There is also the focus on the eye shadow brush instead of the face. Some even make a single portrait style with the bridesmaid and the rest of the space around her is blurry.

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