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Superior Profit When VRLA Battery Is Under Operation

Batteries of a moving vehicle are necessary for our lives. It preserves people in using energy supply. It is very accessible to car transportation because it gives the motor of the vehicle

Move to reach its destiny as quickly as possible.

Batteries give life to a technology without using electric power. It is the nicest invention because you don’t need to connect it to long and many wires to make it function well.

The Euroenergy company ( ) offers industrial and medical products. They offer many batteries as well as medical equipment to choose from. VRLA battery is one of them.

VRLA cells are the cell that contains lead of two plates which are used as electrodes. It is placed steadily to an electrolyte which has watered down sulfuric acid. It also consists of acid in water substance.

VRLA batteries are steadied by the produce gases inside the cell where pressure are secured. VRLA cells cannot be replaced anymore however; hydrogen that was removed in the cell can be changed. There are two main types of VRLA battery:


AGM electrolytes

This is an electrolyte that does not move and is processed by a fragile mat. It is a very thin fiberglass that is woven to make a larger space area. It is also to keep the correct amount of the electrolyte needed for the cells for their lifetime.

The fiberglass that is woven does not soak nor be affected by the acid of the electrolyte. The plates in the AGM electrolytes come in many shapes: bent, flat or rolled. This is created in a rectangular form and consists of a BCI specs.

Gel battery

It’s a chemical compound that produces a smooth gel made of a mixture of other gel agents and silica to its chemical composition. It was first used in 1930 as a portable duct in radio by mixing silica to the sulfuric acid.

This battery does not need to put in an upright position. It decreases the vaporized electrolytes, spillage which mostly occurred to a wet-cell battery and can oppose to vibration and shock.

There are many adverse effects that VRLA battery gives:

VRLA battery has its immovable chemical that can block the reaction to produce electric current

VRLA designs have less power range which is not conducive for cars, but their power reservation can be applied to devices with a minimal use of charge/recharge electrical energy.

It needs proper ventilation surrounding the batteries to stop generating hydrogen concentration which is flammable.

Many upgraded motorcycles and ATV use VRLA battery to decline the spillage of acid when vibration, cornering and after accidents occur. The BMW series also used this type of battery to have more control on ‘brakes.’

VRLA batteries are used by electric chairs because it is safer indoor. It also used as an uninterruptible power supply when electricity is off.

VRLA batteries are also used in the Nuclear Submarine fleet because its maintenance is less,

buying of grasses are eliminated, have excellent power density and very safe to use.

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