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Outdoor Instructor Career – What You Need to Know

Have you ever joined a group once in your life where you need to engage in a physical outdoor activity? There is a high chance that there was an instructor that was giving you instructions on what to do. Not many people are aware, but some of these instructors are outdoor instructors, wherein they have taken the necessary step in order to legally teach people how to engage in certain outdoor activities.

Some people these days have considered getting a career as an outdoor instructor, but most of them are unsure whether it pays really well or not. Here is one thing if you are interested in outdoor instructor job – your work hours will be irregular. There is no fixed schedule when you are going to perform your tasks. There are times that it may only take a couple of hours within the day, or at times it may take several weeks to complete. It all depends on the work you are hired for and the demand for it. Because of the irregular schedule and the uncertainty whether you are going to get hired for the job, many people who were once interested in this job have quit and moved on to something else.

But, the professionals that have lasted for a long while in this industry can say that the work is really rewarding and that the outdoor adventure industry is truly amazing.

It takes quite a bit of planning if you are to pursue a career in outdoor adventure trainer. If this is your path, you need to pick the best way to acquire the experience and the qualifications needed. Below are some of the few ways that you can get started. These are the most common ways to get into the career of outdoor instruction.


Working as a trainee or apprentice

Many of the professional outdoor instructors today that have started out as a trainee or apprentice were working for big companies. The key benefit of working for a company is that there is no need for you to invest in your own development at a professional level. You get to experience lots of fun activities and experiences, not to mention you get to enjoy time a lot with children and learn songs along, too.

The bad side to this is that there is almost no chance for you to get engaged in real qualifications. There is lacking variety in the kind of work you are doing, almost everything is repetitive. The wages are very low, too. The chances of getting a promotion or an increase in pay are so small. In order to get a good job of being an outdoor instructor, you will need more training than what you have experienced in the big companies.

Going to a university

There are certain university degrees that solely focus on outdoor adventure sports or education. Most of these degrees will take 3 years to finish.

This is a great option in meeting new people, spending a lot of time with your classmates and even get into outdoor adventures all on your own. You will also need more training to acquire a good professional outdoor instructor job.

The bad side to getting into university is that there is a high possibility it will leave you in debt, not to mention you won’t get much about qualifications.

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